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Total Wellness for the Business Owner

At first, this series was going to be a list of my top ten faves I’ve discovered while trying to stay fit while working on my own business from home. Because many of my current clients are in healthcare, I’ve been creating a lot of content focusing on total body wellness, which led me to expand upon my original idea. In this post-Covid world, it is vitally important to take care of your mental health and spiritual wellness, in addition to your physical fitness. And working for myself at home, I find myself constantly tiptoeing the line between efficiency and isolation, fighting the gradual descent into becoming the sole survivor on an island made up of extreme business hours and littered with Doordash deliveries.

It is a constant battle to take time for self-care that keeps my body moving, my mind sharp and my spirit refreshed. And it’s not a battle I’m sure I’m winning--my knees creak, I’m often exhausted, and I constantly find myself overwhelmed to the point of frozen procrastination. But I’m a work in progress, and somehow being transparent about that feels like one more step of my wellness journey. If you struggle with any or all of these areas, I invite you to visit this list of resources I use on my own quest towards total wellness. 

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