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Training & Keynotes

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Engaging, entertaining and uplifting, Jenay Sherman is an experienced speaker who focuses on delivering the right message to each specific audience. She has worked with businesses and organizations of all sizes to deliver across any medium for over fifteen years. Jenay works with each client to determine their goals, and builds a message to suit the specific people, tone and occasion of every special event. She has written and facilitated leadership and diversity curriculum in a number of schools and universities, and delivered presentations on sales, marketing, and communication to audiences around the country. Jenay's ultimate goal is to leave each audience with actionable next steps they can use to immediately implement change for positive impact.

Training Programs

Click for specific training programs for educators!

Remix Branding

Learn to become a DJ of your own brand message, creating captivating remixes on the master message.

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Sample Presentation


​"I just thought you should know that you are amazing and powerful beyond measure.  I learned so much from you today!  Thank you!"

- Chanelle

"Here's the deal - I spent nineteen years in public education, with TONS of training/inservice, and I mean TONS! (And I conducted a lot of it!) This was BY FAR the most useful and relevant training I've ever taken part in - my own included! And the fact that she has an amazing sense of humor is a BONUS!! Not a SINGLE wasted minute." - Kayla

"Great training.  Lots of incredible and valuable information and insights. I can't wait to put this into practice." - Hattie

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