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Body - In Search of Total Wellness

“I be up in the gym just working on my fitness…”

Being a small-business owner who works from home gives me the flexibility to workout throughout the day, but long, irregular hours can knock my eating patterns and metabolism out of whack. These are my top ten favorite resources for managing my weight, staying active, and building strength so I can stay healthy and grow my business!

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10. My Fitness Pal

I don't use this app often, but when I do, it works sooooo well. I find that the grind of desk life sometimes finds me overeating, and I don't even notice how bad it's gotten until I actually track what I've eaten in a food diary. This app is my favorite digital resource for tracking what I've eaten from day to day. Usually, three days of tracking on this app will get me in the habit of being more conscious of what I'm consuming. It's super simple to use, and the search feature usually finds anything I've eaten for the quick add feature. If not, you can scan the barcode to manually update the caloric information. I update this app every time I need to kick start my weight loss, or manage overeating.

9. Face Yoga

I am illogically afraid of saggy skin and neck rolls as I age. To fight this, I make sure to sprinkle in a little face yoga from time to time. This is especially useful when I am actively trying to lose weight--to keep my skin tight as I shed pounds. You can try my favorite face yoga workout here, but a quick search on YouTube will find you plenty videos to try for free.

8. FitOn

FitOn is a free app FULL of workouts of all durations and levels. You can sign up for challenges, add workouts to your calendar, and even invite friends to help keep you accountable. It's a great free resource that can get you on track and easily fit into your busy schedule.

7. Booty Bands

I love these bands because they are adaptable to your skill/strength level, and there are plenty of workouts on YouTube use them in a variety of ways. I've added them to leg and arm workouts for extra resistance, and I use them with my kids to help them increase their speed for sports. I use this one with my boys, but a quick search will find plenty of uses. Or click here to buy them online--you can get all five for under $10, in a variety of colors!

6. iFit

This is one of the few resources I feel strong enough about to pay for a subscription. I love using it on my treadmill--I enjoy running along the Hawaiian coast, or even taking a walk through through the Egyptian pyramids. The biggest benefit is that the structured classes will change the speed and elevation of the treadmill automatically, literally forcing me to keep the pace. Anyone who's ever found themselves slacking off on the elliptical machine will understand what a bonus this can be--but it can be hard on the knees, so use sparingly.

5. PopSugar Fitness

PopSugar Fitness has been a go-to of mine for many years now. I love all of the free content, you can find anything you need to workout on their channel or the app. This barre workout video is great to get moving after a long day behind a desk. Or click the logo above to view all of the content on their YouTube channel.

4. Slam Ball

This is the newest addition to my workout routine, but I'm completely sold. I love doing standing ab workouts with this bad boy, though I might have bitten off more than I can chew. Apparently my 15 lb. ball is much heavier than most people use, but hey--no pain, no gains! You can buy the one I have by clicking here.

3. Juice & Toya

After purchasing my new slam ball, I needed good workouts to use it. That's where Juice & Toya come in. They've got great workouts, that gradually build in difficulty, and have easy modifications along the way. You can try my favorite J&T workout by clicking here, or click their image to visit their YouTube channel.

2. Orgain Clean Protein

Orgain is my favorite prepared protein shake--it tastes great, has 20 g. of protein and is under 150 calories (130 to be exact!). I have found it very difficult to find another prepared shake with that much protein and those few calories. If you have a better option, please let me know. In the meantime, try this one--vanilla is tasty! You can click here to buy the 12 pack on Amazon.

1. MadFit

And now for my favorite resource--Madfit. Maddie (along with my K-Hip Hop playlist) is the main reason I stay active in the first place. I love her YouTube channel, and now she offers an app as well. I haven't bought the app yet--I find plenty of her content for free already, so I'll keep on this train for as long as possible. This video is my favorite for leg day, but click her image to visit her channel and explore all of her workouts!

Those are my ten favorite resources for staying active that I can do from home within my business schedule. Hopefully some of these can work for you, and feel free to drop a comment with the resources you've found useful. Every bit helps! Good luck on your journey towards total health and wellness!

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